Brand Story

BEQUELLE is a German skincare brand established out of a simple commitment to find the most wondrous remedy we can deliver to the skin.

Created out of the finest premium ingredients, an in-depth knowledge of biomaterials and pioneering technology - we deliver rich, pure nutrients that firm, hydrate and rewind time to reveal radiant skin in all of its natural beauty.

Our PRocess

All Natural, Premium Ingredients
Our products are exquisitely crafted from powerhouse ingredients, sourced to deliver the best ingredients nature has to offer for your skin.

Innovative Technological Process
We use an elaborate and scrupulous 5-step technological process to preserve our powerful ingredients in its most pure, effective, and undiluted form.

Responsible and Effective Materials
We then infuse our products into different vehicles, including in natural collagen masks that provide deeper collagen infusion, as well as TENCEL™ micro fiber sheet masks, which are both eco-friendly and wonder fully skin-fitting.  

Visibly Transformative Products
Working with a team with heart-filled passion for skincare, we have created a new collection of perfected products that are designed to hydrate, plump, restore, and renew the skin to its most natural and beautiful state.

Our Commitment

At BEQUELLE, we are bounded by our commitment to responsibility; from our ingredient source to the final products, we are committed in our care to our suppliers, production sites, customers, as well as to each other.

Every part of our process is conducted with integrity.All our products are methodologically created  to ensure the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. The result, are high-performing products made from the purest ingredients, authentically and sustainably delivered to your skin.

Our sheet masks are made from a variety of responsible materials, including TENCEL™ Lyocell Sheet Masks – a biodegradable material sourced from sustainable wood sources and produced in an environmentally responsible, closed-loop process to minimize ecological impact.